torstai 28. kesäkuuta 2018

I'm back


I'm currently having a slow and chill morning at home so I decided to open my laptop and write a blog post. I kind of should be practicing at the moment and I feel somehow sad that I'm not but I also know very well that spending a chill morning at home is exactly the right choice today. My body is finally starting to cooperate with me a bit better and I've done some great (and very tough!) training sessions this week and last week. I'm so excited and happy about that but at the same time I need to make sure that I give myself enough rest right now.

Slow mornings and huge cups of tea are the best
It's kind of difficult for me to write about the whole situation at the moment since I've decided not to tell too much about the struggles I've had with my body. I've also tried not to show it on the outside too much and there are only a few people who actually know what's going on. But then again, it is what it is, and I think it's better to share at least something here as well.

First of all, I can give you all one pro tip: DO NOT try to do too much in your life, say yes to everything and be perfect at everything you do. Because you'll get exhausted and you'll burn out. That's what happened to me and suddenly both my head and my body were messed up. I felt like a zombie most of the time and I was wondering where all the laugh and fun disappeared. I also didn't sleep very well, or more accurately I didn't sleep at all most of the nights. Last week I also felt hungry for the first time in four months or so. It felt great to know that I actually still have some kind of metabolism!

I've also done a thing called First Beat a couple of times. It's kind of a heart rate monitor that you wear 24/7 (except for shower ofc) for a few days and after that you can see for example how you sleep and recover or if your stress levels are too high. I'm actually wearing it also at the moment so in a few days I'll get to see how things are going right now. Exciting! In May the results were not that great but on the other hand it was super interesting. For a long time I've felt like every time I practice hard I just can't sleep the next night and so I don't recover at all. This was also what the First Beat told me. I had it on for four days and on two of those days I only did some easy practice and the other two days were tougher. Even though the hard training sessions I had were in the morning, I still didn't fall asleep in the evening. One of the nights was a total disaster as the First Beat monitor showed that my body reached the deep sleep at around 4 or 5 am although I went to bed at 11 pm. I was asked if I was out clubbing or what was going on since the results looked like I was very active until 5 am. Well, I sure wasn't but waking up at 7 am the next morning I actually felt almost like hangover.

Anyway, things are much better now! I feel more like myself again which is the best thing about it all. I had to take it quite easy for a few weeks in May and I was really really really missing the hard practice and especially playing matches. However, I was still aloud to do easy practice like technic and skills so I didn't forget what badminton is. Besides, I was missing it so much that I often played some imaginary matches inside my head (please don't think that I'm insane!). So when I finally felt better and got back on court a couple of weeks ago, it didn't even feel like I'd had any break at all. Or yeah well, I feel a lot more fresh and full of energy so there sure is a huge difference.

I still need to be careful now and slowly increase the amount of training to make sure that I stay on the right track. Luckily I have some great people around me who are there to help and take care of me. The fact that I'll have less school and less league matches the coming season will also help a lot. I'm also gonna be living in Finland which is something that makes me genuinely happy. I wrote about the reasons for moving back to Finland in the previous post but that was only in Finnish, sorry about that. However, long story short, there were some problems and I wasn't satisfied with everything and everyone around me in Denmark, but most of all it was about me feeling homesick. The whole process of returning home after five years in Denmark is something that I could probably write a whole book about so let's not go into details right here right now.

Anyway, it feels great to be back blogging, back in Finland and back as my happy self! I'm hopefully gonna have time to update my blog more often now that my life is much better organized and not that stressful and overbooked anymore. Oh, and next week it's a tournament week again as I'm off to Russia for White Nights. Ah, I'm so looking forward to getting to play again!

So I'll let you guys know how it goes in Russia next week and I'll also write something about the results from the First Beat as soon as I get them. But I feel like my heart is finally beating joyfully! Wow, that sounds way too romantic so let's end this post here. Have a nice weekend everyone! :)


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