keskiviikko 4. heinäkuuta 2018

5 Thoughts From This Week

Hello :)

I don't have much time to write now as I'm off to Russia for a tournament soon, but I just wanted to share five thoughts from the last couple of days. So here we go:

1. New apartment
I moved in to my new apartment on Sunday and these past few days have been full of first times. There was the first night in the new apartment, the first time trying my own little sauna, the first grocery shopping, the first bus ride to the city center (I had to use navigation to find the bus stop and yet I missed the bus...). And now I'm writing the first blog post in my new home, chilling on my new pink armchair. It's so cozy, everything's so exciting and I can't wait to create the new routines here!

At this point the apartment was still one huge mess but as you can see, the most important piece of furniture had found its place and I was already happy!

2. The feeling of home 
Even though it's awesome that I have this lovely pink armchair, my own sauna and a considerably shorter distance to the practice, these are still just small bonuses. The best thing about this apartment is that I finally feel like home. I feel so relieved and relaxed, something that I didn't feel in Denmark in a long time. I'm off to Russia for a tournament today and I'm excited for that but I'm also excited to come back home in a few days. That's something new as for the last year or so I never felt like that. It was never special to come home, there was no such thing as home for me.

3. The importance of the over-all happiness
I'm sure that the fact that I feel so much happier in my private life will eventually affect my game positively as well. It's pretty much impossible to play well if the life outside the court is not in a good balance. I personally need to feel happy and safe in my private life in order to get the best out of myself on court. I need to have the right people around me, I need support and encouragement, and I also need to know that my loved ones are fine. Living abroad alone was extremely tough sometimes since I was too alone and somehow worried about the people who I care so much about but who I can't be with.

4. How amazing people are
It took me a lot of courage to open up about the whole process of moving back to Finland and the problems that I've had to deal with lately. But it's been so lovely to see how people are willing to help. The hardest thing is that I can never thank them enough but I guess that the best way to show how grateful I am is to work hard and chase the dreams.

5. It's a tournament week again!
As I mentioned earlier, I'm off to Russia today to play White Nights. I'm playing my first-round match tomorrow afternoon and I'm excited but a bit nervous as well. I know that I'm not 100% back on track with my body and my game quite yet, but then again I also know that I've played so many tournaments in my life that I for sure have the routine and I know what to do. Besides, I'm really looking forward to getting on court again and that mindset will give me so, so much power. I will enjoy and have fun, that's for sure!

So I'm off to Russia now! You can follow the results from the tournament HERE :)


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