keskiviikko 11. heinäkuuta 2018

Thoughts after White Nights and one nice photo

I'm back home from Russia after a pretty good tournament. I say "pretty good" since it wasn't a huge success as I lost in top 16 to the first seeded Turkish girl. The most important thing is, however, that I played well and felt good on court. That hasn't been the case this year and that's why I'm very pleased with this tournament. Of course I'm gutted that I lost a close match where I felt like I had all the chances to win, but it was definitely a positive tournament nonetheless.

I arrived in Russia with the other Finnish players on Wednesday afternoon. It was lovely to travel with them as I'm usually traveling alone. It was also lovely not having to fly since there's a good connection with a train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. Wednesday evening was all about resting and eating, and I actually fell asleep super early and slept more than 10 hours!

I managed to get one somewhat nice photo from Russia! 
My first match was on Thursday against a young girl from Belarus. That match was quite easy for me and I won 21-6, 21-13. I felt strong and fresh on court which was great.

Friday was the day that I was kinda dreading beforehand. I had my second-round match against a Russian girl in the morning and a win from that match would mean that I'd have to play one more match later that day. This might sound crazy but I wasn't sure whether I'm able to play two matches in one day. My body has been so messed up this year that if I played a match on a Tuesday for example, I usually felt sick and weak until Saturday. My body just didn't recover at all. Basically, there was no chance that I could play two matches in one day when I could barely even play two matches in one week!

However, this time everything went perfectly well. I beat the Russian girl pretty comfortably 21-7, 21-13 even though I was expecting a lot closer battle, and I still felt strong and fresh in the evening. Unfortunately I then lost to the first seeded Turkish girl in two close sets 16-21, 21-23 but it was still a good match! For me it's just such a relief that my body is working again and that I can finally play on the level where I should play. I still feel like I'm far from my very best shape but if I'm already playing this well, I can't wait for what's to come!

Well, that was last week and now I'm already back on track with training and I seriously can't remember the last time I had this sore legs. I guess that's something that I just need to get used to since I now have a relatively long period of training ahead before my next tournament in August. I know it's a good thing since it's very important for me to build up the basis now, but I'm just so eager to play more tournaments that I can't wait!
Someone was a liiiittle bit sweaty after a tough session on Monday
All in all, I feel like I'm full of positive energy and it's a great feeling. I've honestly been worried that I'd never feel normal, happy and strong again but it looks like I have a bright future after all, haha. I'm hoping that I can keep up the good energy for the next few weeks since I know that these weeks will be important. I'm ready to work hard and do my very best to get ready for the coming season. I'll keep posting about my practice and everything here as well cause I know that it will give me so much motivation. At the same time I'm hoping that I can also inspire others by sharing my journey. :)

So I'll be back soon! Have a nice week :)


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